API and serving code improvements

Our team has worked hard for the past couple weeks to bring these new and improved features to you.

New API methods

Now you can get geographical reports about visitor countries, timezones, languages via the API. Also, creating a new ad and linking it to zone(s) can be automated via the new API methods.

PayPal Mass Payment Support for Ad Network

You can send payments to your publishers for their share of the revenue via PayPal Mass Payment. Our system exports a specially-formatted text file with the monthly payouts. You can download this file and enter it into PayPal to send payments in a batch.

Website Aliases and Host Check for Ad Network

For each publisher in your network, you can add alias(es) and enforce ads to be served only on the main website or one of its aliases.

Signing API requests

Starting immediately, all API request must have a valid signature.

Single Ad Call

If you have many ad placements on a single page, this method can reduce the loading time significantly. You only need a single request to the ad server to get ads for all placements.
August 06, 2009


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