Ad serving strategies for a post-pandemic world

ad placements We just went through the peak of a very big pandemic, one in the history book. It affected and is still wreaking havoc across the whole world. While COVID is still very much part of our world, we have reached a point where things are about as close to being back to normal as possible. While things are moving forward, there are still several challenges for businesses, many of whom are simply trying to survive at this stage of the game. The businesses that are still going made it through some pretty harsh times by adapting to the new way of life, but now they need to go ahead and do it again. It’s not just enough to survive, they need to find a way to thrive in the post-pandemic world. That is what we are going to look at today, so let’s go ahead and jump right into the ad serving strategies that many are sure to follow.

Take care of existing customers

It’s always important to bring in new clients while keeping existing customers happy. However, if you are finding it difficult to bring in new customers, you’ll need to be smart about where you’re spending your money. It’s all about watching your cash flow and looking at the pros and cons. It is expensive to generate new leads and convert those leads into paying customers. It is much cheaper to retain existing customers and bring potential customers back. It is time to revisit existing leads or even old clients because you already have that data at your disposal instead of spending money to acquire new ones. Look at ways to optimize your sales funnel to improve your conversion rates. For some businesses, that means ditching the higher costs that come with going in search of new clients. In doing so, they are making a commitment to the existing clients, the people who stayed and helped them survive through the pandemic. You need to understand what makes them stay with you and the current competitive landscape. Keeping existing clients happy and making sure they stay as a client is the utmost importance for a sustainable long-term business.

Get the message right

The days of the hard sales pitch are gone, or at least taking a back seat right now. Because people have seen so many ads, they are basically trained to see through the bad sales pitches. The pandemic caused a lot of long-lasting emotional damage including personal losses, changes in habit, lack of human interaction, etc. Because things are tough for everyone, the last thing that consumers want is having a new product or service shoved down their throats. The proper advertising copy that you should setup in your ad server right now should be about understanding the client’s current problems and solving them in an uncertain time as opposed to making it look as though it’s all about the money or even the product functionality. If you understand your clients, stay in touch and always be ready to help, you show that you are being empathetic and that is a strong foundation to build a long-lasting reputation.

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