Five considerations when accepting and approving ads for your site

audit under review Placing ad on your site is an excellent way to earn some revenue. The mistake that publishers often make is that they will accept any ad that is offered to them, just so that they can increase their earnings. The problem with doing this is that you run the risk of alienating or annoying the people who visit your site. Since many advertisers pay based on the number of views, you could potentially be earning less because of your dwindling number of site visitors. Here are a few things that you should consider before you approve any ad for your website:

Be ethical

While it is true that controversial subjects can draw a lot of attention, there is always going to be a real divide on these issues, which means that you run the risk of alienating half of your visitors. It’s always a good idea to keep your politics or beliefs out of the ads that you run, simply because these types of ads are incredibly divisive. Also, do not turn a blind eye to questionable ads that could potentially use your site as a vector to spread virus and malware. If you are in any doubt about these ads, it is better to avoid them altogether.

Dig deeper than the ad

You always want to trust the advertisers that pays you to run their ads on your site. However, the reality is that some of them may have bad intention or try to run a little bit of a bait and switch on you. The ads that they place on your site may appear to be fine, but there are more to it. You won’t know for sure unless you actually check the website or landing page that the ad links to, as there may be some questionable stuff on there that you might not want to be associated with.

Think about ad relevance

The best way to ensure that people will respond to the ads on your site is ad quality. Yes, you might get a fantastic offer to run ads for a stock trading firm on your pages, but if you have a website devoted to toy and kid’s things, it may not be the best type of advertising to run. For a long term and sustainable business, go with advertisers and ads that are indeed useful for your audience.

Decide between automated vs. manual

If you only have a few small ad spaces on your website, it is probably best to go with the manual approach since you can get to know the advertisers better. If, on the other hand, you have many ads spread over a large number of pages or properties, it is wise to incorporate some automation tools or algorithms to assist with the process of checking and verifying these ads. Otherwise, you will be spending a lot of time managing them all on a daily basis.

Create a written policy

The best long-term way to approve and manage the ads on your site is to make it clear to potential advertisers what you will and won’t accept on your website. Having this sort of policy and guideline in place force you to be consistent with your decision and it will save you from conflict of interests and unnecessary explanations to advertisers.


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