New feature - Advance notification on restrictions

In additional to a notification when an ad expires, or reaches its maximum quota, you can setup to receive a notification:
  • Before the Start/End date
  • Before the ad reaches its total or monthly target
For example:
  • An ad is scheduled to serve 100 clicks per month. You can set to receive an advance notification when the ad gets 80 clicks and another message when it finally delivers 100 clicks.
  • An ad is scheduled to serve the first 2 weeks starting next month. You can set to receive an advance notification 3 days before the ad starts and 3 days before it expires.
When you add or edit one of these restrictions, you have an option to check one or both boxes to receive the notification emails. You can change the default email address and set a custom threshold before notification is sent out. If none is checked, you won't receive any notification about this restriction.
September 17, 2009


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