RSS Stats - Live Bookmarks

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, is a simple web technology that updates you on your ad performance frequently, all without the need to sign into your account and check the reports. Similar to a feed for news headlines, your stats feed will get constantly updated with new information once you subscribe to it.

When viewing a Basics, CTR, or Conversions stats report for any Ad, Zone, Group, Campaign, Advertiser, or Publisher, there is an option to subscribe to the live bookmark via a RSS feed. Wherever you see this RSS feed icon , you can subscribe to it.

For Opera users, the RSS feed icon should look something like this:

For Firefox users, the RSS feed icon should look something like this:


  • How does age affect online ad serving?
    "It is no secret that advertisers use different techniques to deliver strategic content to their target audience, with age being just one of the factors they take into account. An advertiser would not put together the same marketing material for a younger audience that they would for an older one, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the world of online ad serving. " More
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    "Sorting. When viewing the list of all zones, ads, groups, campaigns, advertisers within your account, they are sorted by the creation date. " More