Summary for 2004

Ad Spot

November 01, 2004 - Improvement & New Feature: Have multiple ad spots on a single page and want them to show different/same ads.

Dynamic Weight

April 29, 2004 - New feature: Dynamic weight for high priority ads to meet daily or monthly targets.

Ad Report Optimization

April 10, 2004 - Stats system is being optimized and performance on generating real-time reports has been improved significantly.

New stats system

April 01, 2004 - Additional ad metric information, including unique impression and unique clicks, begins to be available in ad reports. We're now storing detailed ad stats for every hour, day and month.

Serving code version 6

March 22, 2004 - New ad serving code v6.0 is available. This new code makes use of our new hardware architecture to achieve faster and more reliable ad delivery. Everyone is highly recommended to get the new serving code.

Upcoming Stats System

March 17, 2004 - We're implementing a new stats system which will provide much more detailed reports. As it's still being tested and fine-tuned, the reporting system might respond slowly. Please be patient.
April 22, 2016 (first published November 2004)


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    "Happy Holidays 2006! A new year is coming and we thank you for your business in 2006 and look forward to deliver even more new features, more ad servers and more value to you in 2007. Our technical support response will be slower during this holiday season but we always have staff monitor the system performance 24/7/365 and make sure they operate smoothly. " More
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  • Summary for 2003
    "Ad Rates December 12, 2003 - We have a new feature. You can now define ad rates for any individual ad (CPC, CPM, flat rate) Export breakdown stats November 28, 2003 - Export breakdown stats (hourly, daily, monthly) of individual groups, advertisers, campaigns, or the whole account to CSV (Excel compatible). " More