Summary for 2010

A new year is coming and another one is ending. It has been unofficially 10 years since we ventured into the ad serving business. Back then, it was just a small project. Over time, it evolved into a stable and strong business. Looking back those past 10 years, we are very happy with our progress and the current ad systems. We own it to you, our clients, for your business, feedback, and support. We are very confident in our future as a reliable ad server. AdSpeed will continue to innovate, improve and deliver a better value for your money. From the whole team, we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wizard for Rich-Media Ads

July 30, 2010 - Rich-media ads are more complicated than regular image banners for many reasons. They offer more functionality, visual effects and user-interactions. To assist with setting up these ads, you can use the rich-media ad wizard interface:
  • Prepare a third-party ad tag (DoubleClick, Atlas, PointRoll, etc.) for click tracking
  • Generate HTML for a SWF/Flash file (use this wizard if you need more customizations than the standard ad type)
  • Generate HTML for an expandable ad
  • Generate HTML for a polite/two-phase ad (better user experience for heavy/streaming ads)
  • Generate HTML for a vertical floating ad (ad scrolls up/down along)
You can access the wizard when creating/editing a rich-media ad. The link will appear under the text box.

Setting up restrictions with a wizard

April 05, 2010 - There are many types of restriction and targeting that you can apply to an ad. Indeed, it may be too many for a new user to AdSpeed that it becomes a barrier. Even for frequent users, it can be time consuming to manually add these restrictions. With popular request, we have implemented a wizard to help you setting up multiple restrictions with a simple form. It's quicker and easier to understand than manually add each restriction, calculate the daily quota, and compute days in between start/end date. You can see it in action by clicking on an ad name, then clicking on "Restrictions" tab, then "Wizard" tab. Learn More
May 16, 2016 (first published December 2010)