Why having your own advertisers is better than using ad networks?

customer relationship When it comes to having ads displayed on their pages, website owners have a couple of different options to choose from. They can either get the ads through an ad network or sell the advertising space directly. There are those that use both methods, but what many of them find is that it is much more beneficial to know your advertisers directly and personally instead of always relying on the ad networks. There are a number of reasons why direct advertising is preferred over the use of ad networks, here are the five most common ones:

Profit Margin

When you get your ads through a network, it stands to reason that you have to share a significant portion of the revenue with third parties. That is not the case when you sell advertising on your site directly. One hundred percent of the profits gained from selling ad space directly is yours, which is an critical point of having your own business in the first place.

Higher Ad Rate

Not only do you get to keep all of the money made via direct advertising on your site, you get to decide how much you should charge. If you have a site with a high amount of quality traffic, you can charge ad rates that are indicative of that as opposed to settling for a much lesser rate when going through an ad network or ad exchange.

Better Relationship

When using ad networks, you never really get to know the people whose products and services are being advertised on your site. While that is fine for some, you can generally secure more future ad business by taking the time to get to know the clients who are placing the ads on your pages. Furthermore, if they are happy with the results they obtain on your site, they will likely help you secure more business via word of mouth.

Greater Control

When you have your own website, it is always best if you control everything that is shown on there, which includes the ads that are being displayed. That is not always easy to do when dealing with an external ad network, but it is something that you are in total control of when you sell your ad space directly using your own ad server. Also, there may be companies that you would love to see advertise on your pages, but who are not part of the ad network you use. By going directly, you can contact those businesses and try to sell them your ad space.

Flexible Deal Making

Once you have built up a solid working relationship with your advertisers, you can persuade them to run special and exclusive offers only on your website. You can also run a special promotion for loyal advertisers when you see fit. It is a win-win agreement that many advertisers likely are open to once they have been with you for a while and have seen good results from their ads on your site.
Posted in AdServer for Publisher Selling Ads Directly by John Z December 20, 2020 (first published September 2014)