How to make your advertisers happy?

If you depend on online advertising as one of your revenue sources, you need care and dedication to ensure your advertisers are happy. After all, they are the ones that provide the necessary funds for you to pay your web hosting, domain name, and cover your operating expenses. Simply placing the ads from your advertisers on your website will not be enough to keep them content. You are going to need to continuously provide them different ad metrics from your ad server and help them with online social activities. It is important that you respond to any of their questions quickly and correctly so they can make decisions about their campaigns. This way, you will have a much better chance that they continue doing business with you and keep providing the much needed revenue you need to maintain your site.

One method of ensuring your clients renew their campaigns on your site is to offer them discounts at the time of renewal. You can provide deeper discounts as the subscription lengths increase. This will help you lock down advertisers for longer periods of time letting you spend time on other important things. It will also show your advertisers that you value the business relationship you have with them and want to keep them for a long time. This will surely please them.

If you are using an ad server for your website, you can offer your clients precise metrics about their advertisements which they will surely value. This will give you a leg up on some of your competitors that do not have an ad server and are only able to provide general metrics about their site. This precise data gives advertisers insight into how well their ads are performing specifically on your website. Good ad servers measure a plethora of things such as visitor views, click throughs, revenue, and conversions. Demographics such as which browser the client is using, and which country they are from can also be recorded with some advanced ad servers. If you are looking for an adserver then choose one that provides free accounts for advertisers giving them access to data on their ads in real time. Again, a great way to keep your advertisers happy.

Uptime and speed is key to keeping your clients happy. If your website is down or slow then your client’s ads will not be shown and their campaigns will not be successful. Surely, they will take their business elsewhere if that is the case. So, make sure you are hosting your site with a reputable and reliable company. The same goes for the ad serving vendor that you choose. Be sure to choose one that has been in the business for a long time and does not have any problems with their ad servers. Secondly, it is imperative that your site and your client’s ads load quickly. This goes hand in hand with uptime. Choosing the right host and ad server will be key in preventing any such problems.

Social activities are another great way to get the word out about your clients. You can chat about your client’s products on your social media pages. These messages spread the word about their products and services. Whether you are providing this as an additional service to your clients, or simply promoting goodwill by doing it for gratis, social media is always an effective way to create excitement for brands and services.

To summarize, make sure to provide your current advertisers, not only new ones, with discounts for long term subscriptions. Also, it is a good idea to use an ad server giving you the capability to provide precise data on how your advertises ads perform on your site. Be sure to chose a web host and an ad server with no uptime and performance problems. Helping your most valued clients by promoting their products on your social media will be a huge plus. Do all of these things, and surely, your advertisers will be very happy and will keep doing business with you for a long time.

Posted in Selling Ads Directly AdServer for Publisher December 27, 2016 (first published July 2015)


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