When can you sell ads directly to advertisers?

customer relationship One of the best aspects of having advertising on your website is when you reach a certain point, you can sell ads directly to the advertisers. There is no set amount of traffic that you need to hit in order to make that leap, as some advertisers will require you to have a larger audience than others. Numbers certainly do play a role in your ability to sell ads, so when is the right time to try and do it? Let us take a look at five indicators that will tell you when it is a good time to go direct with your ad sales:

When you have a good product with big numbers

You may have a great website, product, or app, but if they are not getting a lot of visitors, it is going to be a hard sell when trying to lure in advertisers. Like we said at the start of this article, there is no hard and fast number of visitors that you need to reach before selling ads directly to advertisers. That said, you should start thinking about selling when you are hitting 250-500 unique visitors per day. If you are below that, concentrate on raising that number first. If your unique daily visits is in that range, it should be enough to get some advertisers to at least listen to what you have to offer.

When your audience is high quality

Advertisers are not only interested in having their ads shown to many visitors, they want those visitors to be high quality visitors. What we mean by this is that you want to have a steady flow of both new and returning visitors who spend a lot of time on your site. This is because the longer people stay on a website, the more likely they are to see the ads, interact with them and maybe make a purchase.

When you know your audience

Potential advertisers will be more willing to advertise on a site if they know who they are advertising to. So, to be able to provide quality data about your audience, you must keep track of your visitors and get to know them as much as possible. This is something that can take a bit of time but will be well worth it. One thing to keep track of in particular is their interests and buying preferences. If you know what it is they like to spend their money on, you will have a better idea of the types of ads that are likely to convert well on your site. This is a benefit to both you and the advertiser, and they will be willing to pay top dollar for ad space if they see that their ads are converting at a good rate.

When you have the time and desire

There is a good chance that there will be some time consuming price negotiations that take place when selling directly to advertisers. Before you go this route, make sure that you have the proper amount of time to commit to them. It also helps if you are passionate about what you are doing, and have a real desire to sell ads. Your enthusiasm will shine through when you talk, and that will help you make the sale.

When you have a good ad server

There is no way to tell how successful your ads are unless you manage and track them efficiently with one of the best ad server solutions. We can help you do just that, and will also help you create reports that can be used as a sales tool when selling directly to advertisers. It is a good idea to use an ad server early in the process to understand how your ads are performing right from the beginning.
Posted in Selling Ads Directly June 30, 2017 (first published October 2015)