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How do I test if my browser supports JavaScript?

We use JavaScript to deliver advanced functionalities through our graphical user interface. Our system is compatible with major browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera. To test if your browser supports JavaScript, please click on the button below to test.

If the browser reloads and you see this same page again, the test has failed and you need to enable JavaScript or try with another browser. On the other hand, if you see the result message in a dialog box, the JavaScript test passes and you could proceed to login.

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    • This is the best information I have read yet. I have a fairly new website and growing, but I wanted to get my feet wet in the ad space game. Your advice and information was spot on. It gave me a great base to work with when selecting from my different options.

      Dana P
      Palmer Events

    • I love your ad rotator! The pricing is awesome... any budget can afford your service. And the customer support is great. Keep it up guys!