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What are different formats of serving code?

We make different formats for the serving code so you can choose which format works for your situation.


The goal of this serving code is to compatible with all available web browsers. It combines IFrame, JavaScript and regular IMG tag to support 3 levels of fallback:
  • An enhanced IFrame: a regular IFrame with tracking information provided by JavaScript.
  • A regular IFrame: if JavaScript is disabled, ads are still get served without some additional tracking details.
  • Regular IMG tag: if the browser does not support IFrame and JavaScript, a regular IMG tag with hyperlink is used to display the ad.


This ad tag only uses JavaScript and not IFrame. If your site layout or certain ad delivery requirement demands embedding of ad code directly into the current HTML document, you can choose the ad serving format to be JavaScript. Some examples include multiple ad sizes with one serving code, using of companion/competitive placement, expanding ads.


This ad tag uses only IFRAME tag and no JavaScript. If you have concerns about visitors with JavaScript off then you can use this tag. Iframe tag requires a specific dimension and cannot be used if you want to mix different ad dimensions in one placement.

Simplified (For Email)

This ad tag is designed only to serve advertising embedded in an HTML email or newsletter. Email software do not support Iframe, JavaScript for security and privacy reasons.

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