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Why do I get an error when adding a new advertisement?

Connection Timed Out

This error happens when our system cannot reach the media file on your web server. When you add a new ad, our system downloads the media/image file to determine the ad dimension, assign a correct format and/or convert click tracking for Flash SWF files. If our system cannot access this file, it is very likely that your visitors cannot access it as well.

Solution: Please contact your web hosting provider and ask them to allow access (unblock firewall rules) from These IP addresses are not creating fraud, sending spam email or performing any malicious activity so there should be no reason to block them. Therefore, to serve ads effectively, the web server should not block access from any source. This error message is an additional safeguard mechanism to ensure your ads can get viewed by everyone.

Updated: We have been reported that some EarthLink WebHosting servers block access to a range of IP addresses including the above IP addresses of our servers. Please contact EarthLink to correct this issue.

404 Not Found

If you see this error when creating a new ad, the image URL is linking to a missing file. This is among the most common errors when adding a new advertisement. Please check the URL and make sure you can view the file by pasting this URL directly into a browser.

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