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Day-parting (also week-parting) is useful to break down a day or a week into multiple segments for advertising purposes. It allows you to limit ad serving only on certain days of the week (Monday-Sunday) or within certain time slots (00:xx to 23:xx) or within specific HH:MM time periods (eg: 12:15-12:45). The time setting is local to your timezone. You can change your timezone setting from My Account / Profile menu.

Example - Weekend Retail Sales

An online store runs a promotion every weekend with a special online coupon. The ad should only display during Saturdays and Sundays. Clicking on this ad will take visitors directly to a page with the list of sales items that they can purchase.

Example - Rush Hours

A coffee store wants to display its ad only during the morning. The targeting value is set to show from 5AM to 9AM. After 9AM, the ad does not show because it no longer brings in much traffic for this store.

Example - Top-of-The-Hour Video Ad

A video app/site wants to display an ad only between the first 10 minutes at 7 in morning and 7 in the evening. The hour restriction would be entered as 7:00-7:10|19:00-19:10

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