Ad serving in audio podcasts

podcast There are now countless different ways to get your message out to the masses, with new methods arriving on a rather regular basis. One style of advertising with a lot of traction is ad serving in audio podcasts. If you are not familiar with podcasts, they are basically radio shows that are specific to a niche or subject. There are now tens of thousands of podcasts being created on a daily basis on many different topics. Therefore, it should not be hard to find one that fits your brand or message. There are, though, things to consider if you are going to advertise within an audio podcast so let’s dig a little deeper.

Product/service endorsement

While some podcasters will basically do a blind read of your ad for a set amount of money, your best results are going to come from those who actually use your product or service and enjoy it. Podcasts tend to have a very loyal audience, which means that listeners will be more than happy to try something new if it is being recommended by the host of the show. Be prepared to give a free product or sample to your chosen podcast if you want to get a review.

Infomercial opportunity

While some podcasts are scripted or planned to a certain degree, many more are loose and open to seeing discussions head off in several different directions. This could prove to be very good for your product or service, as the host or hosts of the show may decide to spend some time talking about what it is that you have to offer and how it works. This then becomes an infomercial of sorts where listeners get a lot more information and details. This approach is both educational and promotional, which may be enough to create a good source of potential customers.

Ad copy

In most cases, the podcast’s host will simply read a piece of ad copy relating to your product or service, often at the start of the show, but sometimes in the middle or the end. This is your chance to reel in potential customers, but that only happens if your audio ad copy is clear, tight and to the point. People, especially those listening on the go, need to be able to know exactly what they are getting without wondering or having to use their imagination unnecessarily. Keep ad words simple and precise.

Dynamic ad serving

In many cases, ads in podcasts are embedded statically, like forever, as part of the audio stream. No matter when someone listens, the ad will always be the same. As podcasts have become more popular, the method for audio ad serving has changed. Many are now looking at dynamic ad serving, which audio ads are inserted or stitched on demand into the podcast. This means that ads can be changed or altered independently from the podcast so that people who listen to episodes from months or even years ago will hear current, relevant ads for your product or service.

Ad metrics and tracking

If you frequently listen to podcasts that have ads, you will have probably noticed that the host will present you with a coupon code, a specific phone number or website address to use when you order the product being advertised. These codes are used to help advertisers understand the sources of incoming leads and purchases. This report is essential because it gives them a clear idea of the return on their investment.


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