Online advertising in rural areas

ad process There are many products made that are aimed specifically at people living in rural areas. The way in which you advertise to this group online is different than how you would try to target people living in a major city or metropolis. It’s all about advertising products that will appeal to people in the countryside and then using suitable marketing strategies that will make them want to spend their hard-earned cash. Listed below are a few things to consider with rural ad serving.

Promote suitable products

People who live in rural areas tend to have different needs and lifestyles than those living in the city. While city dwellers might need smaller furniture pieces to fit into their tiny city apartments, rural folks might look out for large and durable outdoor patio pieces. Choosing to advertise items that people in rural areas don’t really need or want simply doesn’t make any sense.

Offer bulk pricing

It goes without saying that people who live in rural areas have a whole lot more available space than those who live in the city. With that extra space comes extra storage, which means that they can probably handle buying items in bulk in exchange for more discounts. If you are selling feed to farmers, for example, chances are they have ample shed or barn space to host that feed, so offer bulk pricing to get them to purchase more. This sort of pricing also encourages them to stock up and come back for more when their supplies run low.

Be aware of ad format

We are no longer in the old days when getting Internet in rural areas was a nightmare or close to impossible. However, Internet connections for rural residents are typically not as fast as they are in the city. With that in mind, it is best to steer clear of complex and heavy ads that require many component downloads or require a lot of bandwidth. These ads will be a little slower to load, even on fast connections. In rural areas with a weak internet connection, they may not even load at all.

Highlight personal service

In small towns and rural areas, it is not uncommon for everyone to know each other, at least in passing. There is a friendliness and familiarity that should also be emphasized in your ads and employed by your store’s staff. Personal touches go a long way to build long-term relationships with your rural customers.

Keep it local

In rural communities, it is common to support smaller mom-and-pop businesses that have been in the area for years. Placing an emphasis on being a local business with a solid standing and contribution to the same community is always a good idea when advertising to rural communities. That said, you still need to be able to back that up when people choose to buy from you, which is done by going with the strong and personal customer service we discussed in the previous point.


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