How to build and manage your online business reputation

people thumbs Even if your company does not do any business online, you are still going to have an online reputation. There are several major websites devoted to customers delivering feedback and review on the experience they had when dealing with a business. If you are not aware of these reviews and ratings, your company could be taking a serious hit without you even being aware that it is happening. The good news here is that managing your online reputation is not as difficult as you might imagine. If you follow the tips we are about to show you below, you should have no problem being seen as a trusted business online, which can only help your bottom line.

Nip issues in the bud before they arise

It doesn’t matter whether a customer is using your services for the first time or are regular clients, everyone needs to be treated with the same level of respect and high-quality customer service. From the moment they walk in your store or visit your online site to the moment they leave, the level of consideration and attention that they receive should always be top notch. You certainly won’t make everyone happy, but you also likely won’t see too many issues if you follow this tip to the letter.

Respond to issues in a timely fashion

When someone posts online about a negative experience that they had with your business, you need to respond to their concerns quickly and comprehensively. Anticipate the next questions and answer them. Provide easy-to-follow instructions for the next steps. If this means hiring someone specifically to deal with problems, then so be it. People will very often be more than willing to update their negative feedback to positive if you take the time to respond and fix the issue. They are also more likely to shop with you again since they know that you do care for your customers.

Train your staff

One of the biggest complaints you will find from customers online is about the level of service they received. When you hire a new employee, make sure that they are properly trained and aware of how they are expected to treat customers before you put them out on the floor or in contact with existing or potential customers. If your staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help, the number of negative online posts about your business is likely to be limited.

Monitor your online reputation

Never get in a situation where you start to feel comfortable about your online reputation. That positive feedback can quickly go the opposite way if you do not regularly monitor your ratings and reputation using social media networks, discussion forums and online search engines. A single bad review can drag down the overall average significantly and one bad review that goes unchecked can potentially lead to other people sharing their negative experiences, with the whole thing quickly snowballing out of control.

Be professional in dealing with negativity

Yes, a negative review does not feel good, but you will only make matters worse if you go online and attack the customer who left the poor feedback. Instead of going on the attack, take a professional approach and ask what you can do to help rectify the situation first. Deal and handle negative feedback and reviews promptly and thoroughly. Other people do go back and look at how your business handles negativity. If they see that you are angry and belligerent, they will probably give your business a wide berth.

Collect positive reviews

One effective way to combat negative feedback is to increase the number of positive feedback. Encourage and incentivize your customers to leave good feedback for your business. This will help to drown out the few isolated negative reviews. You can use an ad server to include ads in your newsletters, transaction or survey emails.
Posted in Ad Strategies by Watson F July 26, 2019


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