How to get more advertising revenue from your site?

There is no denying that having ads on your site is a great way to generate some secondary income. While you may be pleased with the money that your ads are generating, you may actually be selling yourself a little short. Simply placing a couple of ads on your site and hoping for the best may make you a little bit of money, but you can actually increase your advertising revenue by trying different setups, tracking your results, and making adjustments. Here are a few tips that may help you get the most out of your website advertising efforts:

Ad Placement

Take a look at the majority of sites and you will see that ads generally appear above the fold or within the pages of the site in a way that makes them look like a natural element of the page. These are both good ideas which you should adapt, but one that is often forgotten is placing an ad close to your call to action. If you have a page where you ask people to download or fill out a form, try placing an ad close to that location. In short, try placing your ads in different locations within the pages of your site, and then track their results to understand which locations perform best.

Ad Size

There is a very delicate balance that needs to be maintained in terms of size when placing ads on a website. Make the ad too big and it may become an unpleasant distraction for your visitors. Make it too small and it may be missed altogether. Experiment with different ad sizes to see which ones your visitors react to the best.

Ad Relevance

People who are coming to your site are doing so because they are interested in the niche that you are promoting. Your best chance of success with advertising on your site is to make the ads relevant to what it is that you are doing. This will help your ads blend in your pages giving your site a more professional look. Sure, some niches may pay higher rates, but if they have irrelevant to your website, chances are, your visitors are going to ignore them and may even find them annoying.

Ad Type

Most site owners simply try to squeeze in as many banner ads as they possibly can, which often means using up real estate that could be put to much better use. There are a number of different ad formats out there to try, and they do not all have to be the PPC banners that AdSense delivers. Try running CPM ads, especially if you get a lot of traffic, and do not forget about basic text advertising. Different people react well to different ad formats, so get a mix of them on your site.

Ad Networks

Yes, AdSense is the big, trusted name, but they are not the only ad network out there. You may well find that some of the other networks are better suited to what you are trying to achieve. Do a little side by side comparison of each, and choose the ones that are best for you.
February 04, 2015


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