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Destination URL or Click URL

The destination URL (also called "click URL", or "landing page URL"), is the website address that a visitor goes to when he/she clicks on the ad. If there is no web page URL, you can enter an email address or a phone number tel:4085551234.

Link Tagging

For advertisers who use a web analytic software (like Google Analytics or web log analyzer) to track incoming traffic from clicks, link tagging is a more reliable method than relying on referring site information.

Advanced - Third-party Click Tracking

AdSpeed ad server will record each click data before redirecting the visitor to the landing page. If required, you or your advertiser can embed a click macro to track clicks via a third-party ad server. The click will be recorded at both our ad server and the third-party ad server before going to the final landing page.

Advanced - Dynamic Landing URL

If the destination URL is dynamic, unique from one ad view to the next ad view, you can use the custom redirection parameter &r=[URL] to append your own landing URL to the serving code. For example: &r= The input URL parameter must be encoded properly for a valid redirection.

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