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Third-Party Pixel URL

You can enter an impression pixel URL provided by a third-party ad server for impression tracking purpose. This feature is useful when the client also wants to track impressions using their own ad server or ad verification service. You can find it as an optional setting under "Advanced Settings" section when creating a new ad or editing an existing one.

Image Banner Ad

An image pixel will be displayed as a 1x1 pixel image together with the ad. You can enter multiple third-party pixel URLs into the same field, separating them with [AS:3PTRACKER]. One pixel image can only track from one source so if you have multiple third-party impression pixels, make sure the ad tag you generate also show multiple pixels. To avoid discrepancies, make sure the pixels and ad tags are consistent. If you do not always include the pixel then the third-party will not track the same impression.

JavaScript Pixel

The third-party pixel can either be an image or a JavaScript code. For a JavaScript pixel, append [AS:3PPIXELJS] to the end of the provided pixel URL. A JavaScript pixel will be included inside a JavaScript tag.

VAST Video Ad

You can add a third-party impression pixel for a VAST video ad and it will be added as an addition <Impression> tag in the VAST XML response.

Rich-Media/HTML Ad

Because a Rich-Media/HTML ad is already in HTML, you can append the third-party pixel tag (image or JavaScript) to the end of the provided ad code.

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