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Ad Specifications

Ad specifications (or ad specs) are requirements for an ad. Each website is unique and therefore, ad specifications can be different for each ad placement. For example: you might want static ad images for fast page loading on your homepage. However, there are recommended standards and specifications. For more details, visit IAB Display Advertising Guidelines. For HTML5 ad specifications and recommendations, view the IAB HTML5 for Digital Advertising.

Ad Dimension

The width and height of an ad. AdSpeed Ad Server can support all standard and customized dimensions. Ad dimension also depends on the type of ad format. For example: a text link ad would not have or need a dimension. Expandable ad would have 2 dimensions: one regular dimension and one expanded dimension. Ad dimension can also be responsive depending on the viewer's screen size.

Maximum File Size

The maximum file size is in bytes, kilobytes (Kbytes), or megabytes (Mbytes). The larger the file, the longer it takes your visitors to download and view the ad. It is suggested that the file be as small as possible for a positive browsing experience with your website. For image files (GIF, JPG, PNG, WEBP, SVG), we recommend 50-100Kbytes per image.


GIF files support animation and more dynamic interactions. An animated GIF file loops through the animation and repeats several more times. For example: an animated GIF with 4 loop counts repeats the same sequence of animation 4 times and stops at the last image frame. Our ad server does not have a limit on the number of loops or the number of image frames. It is up to you to set a limit for aesthetic control.

Expandable Ad

An expandable ad can take up a small space when it initially loads but expands to a larger area upon a click or a hovering of your mouse over the ad.

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