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Ad Dimension

Ad dimension is measured in pixels (width x height). For example: a 468x60 ad has 468 pixels as its width and 60 pixels as its height. Our system supports any ad sizes, including all standard IAB ad dimensions and custom ad sizes.

Popular Ad Dimensions

  • Rectangles: 300x250, 250x250, 125x125
  • Banners: 468x60, 728x90
  • Skyscrapers: 120x600, 160x600

Popular Mobile Ad Dimensions

  • Mobile Leaderboard: 300x50, 320x50, 300x75
  • Smartphone Interstitial: 320x480
  • Tablet Interstitial: 768x1024
  • Smaller Phone: 216x36 and 216x54
  • Smaller Phone: 168x28 and 168x42
  • Smaller Phone: 120x20 and 120x30

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