Email advertising for automobile service companies

car mechanic Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest investments that anyone will make in their life and it is often something you use every day. With that in mind, the majority of drivers go out of their way to protect that investment by making sure that their car is regularly serviced and maintained. This means big business for automobile service companies. However, with so much competition in that niche, it is only the most proactive companies who will survive and thrive in a busy market. Email advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach out to customers old and new, so let’s look at some ways that automobile service companies can use email advertising to their advantage.


Rather than constantly going with a sales pitch in email advertising, it’s a better idea to offer instructional helpful advice. The idea here is that these tips and hints help establish your company as an expert in your industry. There are all kinds of different things that can be added to an email newsletter to make it valuable to customers. Things like winter preparation, planning for road trips, and tips to keep your vehicle in good shape will all be well received.

Discounts and promotions

One of the most obvious ways to use email for advertising is to use an email ad server to include discounts, coupons, and promotions in newsletters that you send to your subscribers. We all love getting a deal. If your competitor has a better deal then you risk losing customers in a competitive business. Also, there are sure to be people out there who know that their vehicle needs work, but who don’t quite have the money to make it happen. A great deal might be all it takes to get them into the service shop for the work that their vehicle needs.

Email transactions

When it comes to automobile servicing, we all like to know exactly what was done and how much it cost. As well as giving the customer a receipt at the shop, you can also email a detailed receipt to the customer that they can save for future reference or print off for their own records. You can also double down on these email receipts by offering a discount, such as 10% off their next visit to your establishment.

Service reminders

People have very busy lives, and even though the reminding sticker on their window tells them exactly when they are due to take their vehicle back in for maintenance, it’s easy to forget. Service reminder emails are a fantastic way to ensure that your customers come back in when they are due. These reminders can be combined with coupons for a higher conversion rate and be set up so that they go out a month in advance, a week in advance, or whatever time you see fit.

Always have an opt-out link in your email

As much as people may enjoy receiving your emails and newsletters, there may come a time when they no longer need them, such as when they move out of your service area. Every email or newsletter sent out must include an option for people to opt-out or unsubscribe from future mailings. You could be accused of spamming and ruin your reputation with online email providers if you do not include this link and it is not worth the risk.


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