Five benefits of ad networks and ad exchanges

supply side platform The average website owner is always looking for ways to generate a steady stream of income from their websites. Adding online advertising to their sites is a great way to make some additional revenue, but it can take time build up a list of clients and come up with ad rates that make site monetization worth it in the first place. Yet, with ad networks and ad exchanges, those problems do not exist. Here are five benefits that website owners have by using ad networks and ad exchanges.

Instant money

As soon as your site is ready and you have allocated space for advertisements, you can enroll in some ad networks and start making some money instantly. This is a huge benefit for a lot of website owners, especially those in need of some quick money to cover their operational costs. The stress of finding and managing advertisers is non-existing, but, so is the chance to make some lucrative and long lasting contracts which can turn into much larger ad revenue.

Easy startup

Website owners have enough to worry about without having to stress out about managing ad campaigns or performing ad serving tasks. Time can be better spent enhancing the page with more content or working on SEO. Using ad networks and exchanges is usually as simple as adding a little snippet of code to your site. You generally choose the dimensions of the ad to fit your space, and then paste in the code that is automatically generated for you. The whole process can be done in a couple of minutes.

More advertisers

There is generally a vast array of ads available through the popular ad networks, which can help fill any blank space you may have on your site and provide some welcome income. Ad networks want the ads on your site to perform well so they will try to provide high quality and well targeted ads, which makes them all the more attractive to the visitors of your site. The bigger the mix of advertisers and advertisements you have on your site, the more views and clicks you will hopefully generate, translating to more money in your pocket.

Monetize a wider audience

Having your own advertisers is great, but they often place certain restrictions on the type of traffic that they want to receive. That is fine in the case that they want US visitors and your site is catered towards a domestic audience, but it does not help your bottom line if you are selling in the global marketplace. With ad networks, you can supplement your directly-sold premium ads so that those shown from the network can be displayed to a wider group of visitors and generate revenue from all visitors.

No selling skills required

If you have no experience in selling, you might very well find it hard to negotiate with advertisers. The ads that are delivered via an ad network typically come with a non-negotiable fixed rate. Yes, this will be less than what you get from a direct advertiser, but you also get to take out all the haggling and hassles.
Posted in Ad Strategies Selling Ads Directly February 05, 2017 (first published March 2015)