Online versus physical ad flyers

restaurant Go to your mailbox on any given day and you will almost certainly find flyers for stores or restaurants in your neighborhood. Being able to sit and go through the ads/flyers that you receive is very cool, as you can might be able to find something that you need and get a good deal on it. The downside here is that you may still be left with a whole stack of useless flyers that you now either need to toss in the garbage or recycle. It is not so surprising that advertisers have taken flyers online, but is it a good idea? Like anything, there are definite pros and cons to the online flyer, and that is what we are going to look at below.


If you are someone who likes to sift through all the flyers that come to your home, think about how much time you actually spend leafing through them all. You then need to compare the time spent searching those flyers with the number of bargains that you will use. If you are only routinely finding one or two deals from a big pile of flyers, it can be suggested that you are not using your time wisely. With online flyers, you can easily search for specific categories, products or services quickly and get to what you really are looking for in no time at all.

Click to purchase

This particular benefit is a great one, as it too saves you a whole bunch of time. If you search for a deal online and find an ad with that offer, you only need to click on the ad to be taken straight to the purchase page. With a physical flyer, the process is entirely different. You will likely need to get in the car and head to the store to find that bargain, fingers crossed that it will still be there when you arrive. You can waste a tone of time and come away with nothing going that route.

Cheaper distribution costs

Advertisers who have made the switch to online flyers have usually done so in an effort to save money. It is not cheap to have quality ads and flyers printed up and distributed physically, and it can be tough to know how many actually land in the recycle bin or trash can. With online flyers, you can track important data such as views and click-throughs using an ad server to get an idea of just how successful each ad campaign truly is.

Smaller screen size

It stands to reason that a person holding a physical flyer is going to be able to see more details and more items at the same time than someone looking at the same ad on a smartphone. If you are trying to cram a lot of details into an ad, some of them may be lost or invisible in those smaller screen resolutions.

Only good for certain products

There are some types of ads that simply do not translate that well to the online world. One of the most obvious of these would be groceries. We are starting to reach the point where groceries can now be delivered to your home, but for the most part, people still go to the grocery store to shop. That is why so many supermarkets still stay with the physical flyers.
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