Why does an ad agency need an ad server?

You might imagine that an ad agency would spend the majority of their time working with advertisers looking for a suitable platform for their marketing campaigns. For the most part, that is exactly what they do, but many agencies are using own ad server to make their tasks easier. It is actually not that odd when you consider the many benefits that an ad agency can derive from having their own ad server. The list is long, but let’s take a look at 4 good reasons why agencies need their own adserver:

Serving Multiple Sites

When an ad agency takes on a client, they want to make sure that the ads being bought are seen by as many people as possible. This generally means getting the relevant ads out to as many relevant websites, apps, and ad networks as possible. The many display channels bring complexity. Therefore, an ad server that supports different channels and multiple ad formats makes ad delivery easier.

Ad Reporting

Clients working with ad agencies expect to see detailed reports that show how well each of their ads is performing on any given website or ad network. The goal is to make sure that they are getting a solid return on their investment, and that is something that can easily be seen when detailed reports are created for each client and compared across different ad servers. An agency’s ad server will provide all the necessary data independently from the publisher’s ad reports or the ad network’s reports, allowing the ad agency to show with confident that their clients’ money is being well spent.

Multiple Ads

Life would be easier for an ad agency if every client came with just one ad and one campaign, but that is not how things work. Most advertisers will try out many different ad sizes, format, versions and variants in order to see which one delivers the best results. When you multiply those ads by a large number of clients, you end up with a potential logistical nightmare for the ad agency. A comprehensive adserver that has good ad management tools can make the task of handling multiple ads and advertisers a whole lot easier.

Premium Ads

We mentioned reports earlier in this piece, and there is a specific element of those reports that can prove to be very lucrative for an ad agency. When the reports show how many ad views/clicks actually turned into sales dollars, the advertiser will be more willing to place more ads, and will also pay premium pricing for solid ad performance. Some agencies simply focus on ad impressions or ad clicks, when in reality it’s leads and sales that the client is generally more interested in. An ad server with conversion tracking capability brings tremendous values to the ad agency.
Posted in AdServer for Ad Agency July 11, 2016


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