How to choose a good advertising agency?

Whether you are interested in online ad serving or public relations assistance, choosing the right advertising agency will be essential for the successful promotion of your company. Today, there are a wide range of agencies with different specialities offering such services. This makes the process of choosing even more difficult. Here are some tips to help you select the best ad agency for your needs.

Identify Your Needs

Before you even start to evaluate advertising agencies, you must first identify your needs. Do you want to focus on online marketing or social marketing, are you looking for a company that makes use of an ad server or maybe you want to organize promotional events? Each advertising agency is specialized in certain marketing techniques, making it crucial that you align with the correct one. This is why you should have an idea about the most suitable promotional strategy for your business. Think about what you want in the short term and what you may need in the long term as well.

Take a Look at the Agency’s Website

A good first step to helping decide which advertising agency to pick is visiting their website. Not only can it provide a lot of useful information, including a list of clients, it is imperative that you feel it is well designed, after all, that is what the company should be good at. Clearly, the website should also be easy to find and have pages on multiple social networks. If they will help promote your business then they should be good at promoting themselves as well. All in all, the site should have an innovative design, clear information, and a well-structured portfolio.

Examine the Range of Services

Every agency usually specializes in a certain area of advertising but it is also important that they offer a wide range of services so you do not have to use multiple agencies in order to accomplish your goals. Also, your advertising needs may change over time and you do not want to have to change agencies unless it is truly necessary. This is why you should work with an agency that has professionals capable of handling multiple aspects. The size of the advertising agency is often not the most important factor. Smaller agencies can give you more personal attention than a giant one. The experience of its professionals is much more determining for success.

Ask for a Written Proposal

By this point, you should have already limited the options to a few advertising agencies. It is now time to request a written proposal. The written proposal will insight with respect to the professionalism and the approach of the agency. Usually, the agency will ask you to specify exactly what you need to be able to provide you with a proposal and a price. Be clear when you describe your company’s goals, the market and the advertising strategy that you are looking for. Be realistic and honest when describing your needs. A good specification from you will allow agency representatives to write an adequate and accurate proposal. Require proposals from different agencies and compare the results that you receive.

Schedule Your First Meeting

Loaded with multiple proposals, schedule appointments with at least two agencies. It should go without saying that you come to the meeting prepared highlighting any questions you have about the proposal. During the meeting, make sure you discuss exactly how the agency plans on implementing their proposal and be sure to get a schedule to keep track of progress. It is imperative that the agency have an accurate way of measuring their results without bias so that you can understand how they performed against your objectives. You should get all of the answers that you need to decide and be happy with the selection. If you are finding communication difficult at this early stage, you should probably work with the other alternatives.

The right advertising agency can do a lot for you. So choose the professionals to work with, determine your goals and try to have realistic expectations. Get enough information and shop around before you make up your mind.

Posted in AdServer for Ad Agency December 27, 2016 (first published June 2015)


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