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What are interstitial ads?

An interstitial ad is a full-page ad that appears before the actual webpage. It can be further classified as a prestitial ad or an interstitial ad. A prestitial ad (splash ad, welcome ad) displays before the homepage. An interstitial ad displays between two content pages. You can display any ad or zone as an interstitial ad.

How it Works

Demo interstitial ad
  1. You paste the interstitial serving code into the target page A
  2. When a visitor goes to page A, he/she will see a full page with your ad before continuing to see the actual web page content
  3. The interstitial ad page has a link to skip the ad and a count-down message before the ad finishes and auto-redirects visitor back to the original web page. If the visitor clicks on this ad, a new window to the advertiser's website will be opened and will not interfere with the navigation within your website.
  4. After viewing the ad, or clicking "Skip This Ad" button, the visitor resumes to view the original web page
With the private label add-on, you can customize the template for interstitial ads with your own text, logo and images.

Setup an interstitial ad

You can serve a specific ad or a zone (pool of ads) as an interstitial ad.

First, create an ad as usual:

  • Sign into your account, follow the menu Ads/Create a New Ad
  • Click on the Add tab to enter the new ad's information

Then get the serving code for this interstitial ad:

  • Sign into your account, follow the menu Ads/All
  • Click on the ad name
  • Click on the Serving Code tab, click the Interstitial tab
  • Copy the HTML code and paste it to the top of the web page that you want to serve the interstitial ad. The ad will be shown before the viewer can actually see the page contents

Serving Code Settings

There are several settings you can change to make the interstitial ad more suitable for your website:
  • Automatically continue after a given time period. This feature automatically redirects the visitor back to the original web page after a specified number of seconds. If you want the visitor to manually click the Skip This Ad link to continue, set this to Disabled.
  • No interstitial within a given time period. To avoid interrupting visitors every time they view the web page, you can set the time span for which no interstitial ad will be shown. It can range from 5 seconds to 1 day, or you can choose your own number of seconds.
  • Start interstitial after a given time period. You can set a delay before the interstitial ad begins to show. "Immediately At Placement" begins switching to the interstitial ad wherever you place the serving code. If you place the code near the bottom, it starts later. If you place it near the top, it starts sooner. The default setting "Page Finishes Loading" shows the interstitial ad as soon as the page finishes loading.

See also

A mobile interstitial ad (also called: popup ad, page-takeover ad, prestitial ad) will overlay the page with a Close button. This ad is responsive on all devices, including mobile devices. Demo mobile interstitial ad

Other Articles in Serving Code

This section describes the serving code (ad tag) with basic and advanced settings. It also includes common ad setup instructions and answers frequently asked questions.
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