Benefits of using a third-party adserver

Any publisher, advertiser, ad agency or ad network looking to make serious money from advertising should consider using an adserver, whether it is an in-house adserver or a 3rd-party adserver. Here are just 5 potential benefits that you will see going with a 3rd-party ad server:

Cost Savings

When you opt to use an in-house adserver, you are also adding a number of overheads that will have a negative effect on your bottom line. Not only would you be on the hook for storage and operating costs, but you would also more than likely have to invest in an in-house development team, which is not something that comes cheap. You really need to look at all the financial ins and outs of ad serving before you make the switch away from the much cheaper third-party ad server.

Cash Flow Management

It is much easier to manage your budget when you know exactly how much you are going to be shelling out to a third-party ad server every month. The pricing is often published or known for different levels of usage. There are going to be months when cash flow is not quite as good as others, and it’s easy to upgrade or downgrade as your finances dictate when you go the third-party route. Maintaining a budget is essential, and knowing exactly what you have to pay makes it that much easier to manage.

Higher Reliability

When deciding which third-party adserver to go with, you have the ability to compare the options side by side. One of the most important things, other than cost, is the level of reliability that each company offers. If you see an adserver that has had a long history of reliability, uptime and years in business, you know that you can have some real peace of mind when doing business with them moving forward.

Larger Capacity

When you invest in your own adserver, you are likely going to go with one that best suits your budget at the beginning, which might mean going with something that has a very limited capacity. What do you do when your business grows in the future? A third-party adserver caters to multiple clients and as a result of that, it always has the additional capacity that you need. Scaling up is something that can be done very quickly on their end, and at a much more affordable price than going it alone.

Customer Service

Unless you are an adserver guru, you are likely going to need some sort of IT and ad ops staff on call at all times. That generally means paying a lot of money when you need them to come out and do work for you. Customer service and tech support are always included in the price that you pay to a third-party adserver, and you can bet that any issues you may have are handled quickly and efficiently if they want to keep your business.


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