How to appeal to seniors with online advertising

senior elderly It wasn’t so very long ago that the idea of advertising to seniors online would have seemed ridiculous. That is no longer the case as more and more seniors are becoming tech-savvy, or maybe tech becomes so mainstream that anyone, regardless of age, can use it effectively. Seniors now use the internet to maintain contact with family and also go online to shop and buy what they need, just like all of us now do. Like any specific segment, though, there are specific types of things that seniors are going to find more appealing in advertising methods used online. If you are trying to sell to an older audience, there are some things that you need to consider with ad serving.


Sitting at the top of the priority list for seniors are items related to their health. If you can create ads that offer products and services that solve a real health issue for a senior, you are potentially sitting on a goldmine. The ads need to show how the product can help deal with a specific health issue that a lot of seniors face at a suitable price.


Seniors are unable to get around like they used to, often for more reasons than just one. Yes, they may have reduced mobility because of their health, but they may also no longer be able to drive, which means that they will be looking for items to be delivered and ready to use. When advertising to seniors, having some sort of delivery service is a great idea, as well as having installation/setup included or available, if that is something that your products require.


Younger folks tend not to dwell on the past very often since their life experience is not as rich as the older folks. The same cannot be said for seniors. Sit with an older person for any amount of time and you will almost always hear stories from the generation that they grew up in. Nostalgia is big business, and being able to take people back to a happier time is something that sells. You need only look at how vinyl records are suddenly in style again to see that certain things always have a way of coming back into style, years after they first faded away.

Legacy and inheritance

As people get older, they want to find a way to be remembered, either through their family for the next generation or some sort of charitable donation. Services that make these types of things happen are very much in high demand, especially among seniors who have grandchildren that they are looking to give in their later years.


As we mentioned at the start of this piece, seniors very often use the internet to stay in touch with family, with services such as Skype and FaceTime very much in demand. Offering services where consultations can be done over the internet, in addition to face-to-face meeting or phone calls, can be a big winner for you and your business. This actually ties in somewhat with the mobility issues that we mentioned earlier, as seniors may not make themselves available to your services if there is no way to communicate other than having them go to a physical location.
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