Five tips when displaying ads to seniors

senior elderly The number of people who rely on online services every day for their daily activities is absolutely staggering. The advent of mobile devices has made it so much easier for people to stay online all the time so it’s no real surprise that advertisers are now looking to make an impact online. The reality here, though, is that the advertisers who see the most success are those who know and understand exactly who their target audience is. Listed below are some tips and trends to consider when serving ads to seniors:

A growing number of seniors are online

It used to be that seniors actively steered clear of the Internet because it’s a new technology and they don’t want to learn new things. However, the Internet has become so mainstream and offers so many benefits that seniors simply cannot ignore. It is common now for seniors to use social media accounts to keep in touch with remote friends and family, while also going online to shop for goods that they might not be physically able to go out and get on their own.

Great word of mouth

There are countless different ways to promote your products and services, but it can be argued that nothing is more effective than positive word of mouth. Having someone you trust tell you that a product is good is often all the inspiration and persuasion people need to make a purchase. Seniors often have a lot of free time on their hands and therefore are usually more than willing to share interesting ads, offers, specials and discounts with their friends, family and other people. Having seniors help you spread good words about your product or service is a very effective strategy.

Brand loyalty

Seniors have a strong opinion about what they like and don’t like. What some people may see as stubbornness is actually more likely to be loyalty. Seniors tend to stick with the brands that they know and love. It’s a move that comes after many years of positive experience with a specific brand. If you can get on the good side of a senior, they will almost certainly be loyal to the bitter end.

Design your ads to suit seniors

If you are intent on going after the senior market, you need to design your ads to suit that demographic. In short, make your text bigger and in a font that is clear and easy on the eyes. Avoid fast-moving and flashing creatives that might be viewed as annoying than anything else.

Show respect

By this, we mean that you should never talk down to a senior, or present things in a way that might make them think you are telling them they are old, out-of-touch and need to depend on their children or other people. With their life experience, they will sniff out your attempts to be a little too clever rather quickly and will not be impressed. It is better to show a mature, successful and accomplished image.


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