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A campaign is a collection of related ads or offers.


A campaign can link to zero, one or multiple ads. An advertiser can have multiple campaigns while a campaign can only belong to a single advertiser. Ads can be linked to zero, one or multiple campaigns. Ad performance are reported for each campaign and its creatives. Only advertisers can access and manage their own campaigns. Publishers do not see or manage campaigns.


Campaign PresidentElectionA belongs to advertiser CandidateA which includes 2 ads: TaxCut and ImproveEducation

Enable/Disable Campaign Module

Sign into your account, follow menu "My Account / Profile" and click on tab "Add-ons" to turn Campaign module on or off.

Create a New Campaign

  • Sign into your Advertiser's account, follow the menu Campaigns/ Create a New Campaign
  • Enter the new Campaign's information

Link Ad(s) to a Campaign

  • Sign into the Advertiser's account, follow the menu Campaigns/ All
  • Click on the Campaign's name
  • Click on the All Ads tab
  • Check all the Ads you want to link into this Campaign, then click the Link button

Apply Restriction(s) to a Campaign

  • Sign into the Advertiser's account, follow the menu Campaigns/All
  • Click on the Campaign's name
  • Select the Restrictions tab and click on Add

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