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How can I serve multiple ad dimensions in the same place?

When generating the serving code for a zone, you can choose to display:
  • Any dimension (default)
  • A specific dimension. For example: only 120x600 ads
  • Multiple dimensions in the same location. The ad dimension drop-down box supports multiple selections. For example: 120x600 and 160x600 ads.


Please follow these steps to generate the serving code for a zone:
  • Sign into your account, follow the menu Zones / All
  • Click on the zone name
  • Click on the Serving Code tab
  • Select one or multiple dimensions for the Ad Dimensions field. The ad tag will be updated automatically

If you don't see one of the ads showing, you should check if its ad dimension is listed in the current serving code being used on your website. If the ad tag specifies a list of ad dimensions and that list does not include this ad's dimension, the ad will be excluded from the ad rotation.

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