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How do I record page views and unique visitors?

You can create an ad and put its serving code on all pages of your website. With this setup, the unique impression for this ad is the number of unique visitors for your website. The gross impression for this ad is the number of page views for your website. Also, this pixel ad type can also be used for other tracking purposes.

Setup a Pixel Ad

  • Click on the menu "Ads / Create a new Ad"
  • Choose the standard image ad type since it will be a 1x1 GIF beacon/pixel
  • For the Image URL, use:
  • For the Click/Destination URL, you can enter your website URL or simply disable it
  • Click Save and when you see the confirmation message, click to view its settings
  • Click Serving Code tab to get the serving code for this ad and paste into your web pages or the main template

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