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How do I setup a companion ad in video ad serving?

A Companion ad runs along with a video ad (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll) to provide a more integrated experience for viewers. You can add a companion positioning restriction to show another ad together with a video ad.


  • Click on a video ad
  • Click on tab "Restrictions", click tab "Add"
  • Choose type "Companion/Competitive Restriction"
  • Choose another ad as companion, which could be an image banner ad, a SWF/Flash ad, a text link ad, or a Rich-Media/HTML ad
  • Click "Save" button to tie the companion ad with the linear/non-linear ad

Integration with Video Player

If a pre-roll video ad has a companion ad, it is automatically included in the VAST call. You would only need to specify the correct container ID and the dimension. This is an example for JWPlayer:
advertising: {
 client: "vast",
 tag: ""
 companiondiv: {
  id: "MyCompanionDIV",
  width: 300,
  height: 250
This is an example for FlowPlayer:

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