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What is WMODE for SWF ads? How can I change it?

WMODE is the Window Mode setting for Flash/SWF ads. Possible values are "window", "opaque", "transparent". By default, AdSpeed Ad Server displays Flash ads without any specific WMODE value and the default setting is used. Some website's layout needs a special parameter for Flash ads to display properly with other elements within the web page. Common scenarios include: CSS expanding menus, drop-down selection boxes or content layers. The WMODE setting can be set/applied manually through the serving code. When generating the serving code, you can enter your custom WMODE value into the Custom Parameters field. Several possible values are:
  • &wmode=transparent: sets the Flash ad background to be transparent. This allows the background color or image of the content page behind to show through. This is required for overlay (such as jQuery Overlay) contents to show above the Flash ad
  • &wmode=opaque: hides everything on the page behind it
  • &wmode=window: plays in its own rectangular window on a web page

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