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What is the pop-up and pop-under ad tag?

Pop-up ad displays as a new window in front of the current page so visitors will see it immediately.

Pop-under ad displays as a new window behind or under the current page so visitors only see it when they close or minimize the browser's window.

Create a popup/popunder ad

Basically any ad can be served as a popup/popunder ad. The ad creation process is the same as other ad formats. When you generate the ad tag for any ad or zone, you will have the option to display it as a Pop-Up/Pop-Under.


The popup/popunder ad tag will attempt to create a new window with the ad's content inside.
  • No pop-up within a given time period is the amount of time before displaying another pop-up/pop-under. To display pop-up/pop-under on every page load (not recommended), set to Disabled
  • Automatically close after a given time period is the amount of time before the popup/popunder automatically closes itself. To make visitors manually close the pop-up/pop-under window, set to Disabled

Popup Blocker

Our ad server uses a standard method to display pop-up and pop-under ads via the JavaScript function Although there are ways to get around the pop-up blockers, most are considered malicious by your visitors. From our technical research on existing pop-up ads, some pop-ups pretended to be from another valid application in order to bypass the blocking mechanisms. Another work-around used a small Flash file to force-open a new window, this bypassed some, but not all, pop-up blockers.

Any work-around will eventually be detected and implemented into the ad blockers. For a sustainable and long-term approach, we believe marketers, including ad servers, should respect the user's preference. There are alternative ad formats that can be more suitable with your website's layout and your visitors' preference, including floating ad.

User Permission

If visitors accept and allow pop-up and pop-under ads to display, our ad server will be able to deliver these ads to them. If visitors block or disallow pop-up and pop-under ads, AdSpeed ad server respects their preference and does not display these pop-up and pop-under ads to them.

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