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A group is a collection of ads. A group is an ad management entity that is different from a zone.
For publishers with many ads, it is better to group related ads together so you can quickly access, manage and generate reports for these ads. Groups do not have ad tag like zones. A group is an ad management and ad organization tool. On the other hand, a zone is an ad serving entity. When you open a group, you'll see the listing of ads that are currently linked to this group.


A publisher may have multiple groups. A group may link to multiple ads. An ad may link to multiple groups.


A group named CookingAds includes all ads related to cooking and these ads can belong to different zones for serving purpose.

Enable/Disable feature Groups

Sign into your account, follow menu My Account / Add-ons

Create a New Group

Sign into your account, follow menu Groups / Create a New Group

View Groups

You can view the list of groups from the main menu Groups / All. You can also view a tree that lists all groups as the first level nodes and its linked ads as the second level nodes.

Link Ad(s) to a Group

  • Sign into your account, follow the menu Groups / All
  • Click on the Group's name
  • Click on the All Ads tab. There will be two listings: the top is the ads currently linked to this group, the bottom is the ads not yet linked to this group
  • Uncheck an ad in the top listing will remove it from this group
  • Check an ad in the bottom listing will link it to this group

Smart Group

A smart group can automatically link to ads with certain attributes and conditions. Learn more

Apply Restrictions to a Group

Restrictions of a group are shared across all ads that link to this group.
  • Sign into your publisher account, follow the menu Groups / All
  • Click on the group's name
  • Select the Restrictions tab and click on Add

Inherited Restriction Mode

If an ad is linked to multiple groups, restrictions of each group are evaluated one after another. Multiple group's restrictions can be combined with either AND or OR. The default mode is AND. You can change this mode under the "Advanced Settings" section of a group.

Append Custom Code

If you have third-party tracking tag or other custom HTML code that you want to display together with the ads in this group during ad serving, you can enter the custom code into the text box titled "Append custom HTML when serving this group's ads". To enable this feature for your account, please contact us to turn it on for the group module and append asgcode=1 to the ad tag.

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