Ad serving for a work-at-home audience

work at home With each passing year, we are seeing a growing number of people work from the comfort of their own home, many often for a few days per week. Telecommuting is a desirable way of working for a lot of people, mostly because it affords them the opportunity to create a better balance between work and family life. It is a big time saver not having to commute in a car or on public transport going to and from the office. Many of these people spend more time on the phone or in front of a computer, which means that they may see more ads than the average consumer. They are potentially a great market, so let’s look at ad serving for a work-at-home audience.


There are some who feel that people who work from home might be less productive, but the opposite is very often true. People who like and enjoy working from home often excel at multitasking and keeping a balance between personal tasks while doing a great job at work. They are self-motivated and so serving ads for products and services that help improve their productivity will be well received.

Delivery service

There is a big reason why online commerce and food delivery companies like Amazon, Postmates, Doordash are so successful. They bring what you need directly to your front door. A stay-at-home worker who wants a bite to eat or get some home-office supplies without having to leave home will take full advantage of these convenient services. Offering free shipping over a certain amount or with a subscription membership is always a great incentive.

In-home services

Working from home does not necessarily mean that someone is blessed with a ton of free time, especially if their industry is in a busy season. They might not have time to repair, maintain, clean, or install items around the house. Ads for companies that offer such services will be in high demand because saving time ultimately helps them get more work done and save more time for family or other personal tasks.

Phone or video consultation and live chat

We have discussed in previous articles about how video ad serving is proving to be more and more effective in advertising. The same is true in business, which is why we are seeing more companies adopt live chats and video consultations. This form of communication feels more personal while also being convenient and efficient because it can be done remotely. People want to talk to a real person when they need support, so advertising that you have a phone consultation or video chat is very helpful.

Home entertainment

It doesn’t matter whether you work in a warehouse or a home office, everyone needs a few breaks throughout their workday. For people at home, working alone can be boring and so a healthy dose of stimulation is needed to avoid burnout. The difference for people at home is that they have access to all sorts of entertainment at their fingertips via their phone, computer or TV. Ads for TV shows, games, and other types of entertainment are always going to go over well with this audience.

Social activities

One of the toughest parts of working from home can be the loss of social interaction, so it’s always good to promote services and activities that help keep the social aspect going. Virtual meetings and video conferencing are very popular. Also, going to the gym, taking improvement classes, hanging out in local cafes/shops, scheduling some in-person meetings are just some easy ways to maintain a healthy level of social activities.


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