Five ideas to make visitors enjoy advertising on your website

online advertising There are a number of different ways to make money from your website that go beyond the mere selling of your own goods and services. One method that many busy sites employ is the use of advertisements. Typically, website owners dedicate certain spaces on their website for advertisers to place ads. One of the struggles that comes with advertising on your site is ensuring that the ads do not overpower the content. If you fail to maintain this balance, your visitors may switch to a site with fewer ads, faster loading time and better navigation. Use the following five tips when creating ad space on your website so that you can monetize your site without negatively affecting your visitors' experience:

Make sure ads are relevant

Visitors are much less likely to be annoyed by ads if they are about something that they find interesting. They will also be more inclined to click on those ads, which may in turn mean more money in your pocket. Try to only place ads that fit within the subject of your site in one way or another, as this will make them seem like an organic part of the website.

Do not get too flashy

If you are making money from ads, you definitely want your visitors to see them. There is a right and a wrong way to do this, though, with pop-up ads generally falling into the wrong category. There are few things that annoy people more than having an ad pop up unexpectedly and repeatedly, blocking the content they were viewing. It is very intrusive and feels a lot like a "hard sell", which is something not too many people care for. Ads that are too bright and too flashy deter the visitor from the core content of your site and can become very annoying as well.

Offer unique deals

Another great way to make ads appealing to your visitors is to team up with the advertiser in a way that will allow you to deliver a special deal or discount. This would be in the form of a personal and unique offer that can not be found anywhere else online. This type of set-up is something where everyone involved can benefit, including your visitors.

Do not place too many ads

As much as advertising can deliver a good source of income, it can also overpower your site in a way that degrades your own content. Limit only one or two ads on the top. Keep ads to the sidebar or bottom of your page. Place them a way that they can still easily be seen, like a native element of the site. Choosing a fast and reliable ad server will also mean that the ads will load quickly and do not slow down your site.

Provide security

Visitors want to be sure that their information is safe when they interact with your site. Be sure that you let them know that you will not sell or share their information with your advertisers. It is important that you truly respect your visitors' privacy. If there is even the slightest suspicion that you are selling private information without their permission, the reputation of your site will be as good as ruined.
Posted in Ad Blocking Ad Strategies February 05, 2017 (first published September 2014)


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