Serving ads for investment and insurance advertisers

insurance home When you think about the essentials in life, you immediately think of things like food, clothing, and a roof over your head, as well as a way to get to and from where you need to be. A downside of some of these essentials, specifically for a house and car, is that insurance is required for both. While it is a pain to pay the monthly bill, we all know that insurance is there for our security and protection. The same rules apply with investments in stocks and other things that will help us potentially retire early and have a comfortable life. These industries are big, which is why you regularly see ads online for insurance and investment companies. Let’s look at what these businesses have to consider when serving ads to their potential customers.

Legal requirements

While buying insurance or investing in stocks may seem straightforward enough, the reality is that these two industries are very heavily regulated. Compliance is a very important area for insurance and investment companies. Rules and legislation may differ from place to place, but for the most part, there are specific guidelines in place that need to be adhered to. Ads need to display the license or registration number, certifications and other required disclosures. Insurance agents and stock brokers are required to be licensed or registered but it is not always the case in real life. Enforcement is not always consistent so it is up to the consumers to check and verify who they do business with. Companies can bury things in the small print so buyers need to be sure that they are receiving exactly what they paid for, which means taking the time to dig a little deeper before buying. As a reputable advertiser, you can distinguish your company from competitors by using marketing material that complies with all applicable regulations so you build trust with potential clients and avoid compliance issues at the same time.

Positive message

Like we said at the start, nobody likes the idea of paying for insurance, with most doing so begrudgingly. Insurance advertisers are well aware of this, which is why the ads should focus on the security and peace of mind of insurance. Benefits of insurance should outweigh the premium. With a sufficient level of insurance for your car, your house and other valuable assets, you know how much you pay monthly in premium and do not have to worry about the worst case scenario and how much that might cost. It is the same story with investment firms. The ads should talk about finding opportunities and looking forward to a bright future and how you can live the life you want by putting some money in the present aside and investing it for the future.

That said, ads do not have to always be positive. You also see ads that describe negative consequences of driving without insurance, not having enough insurance for your house or spending all your earnings. These ads raise awareness about the needs for insurance and investment services. They offer a reminder and an incentive for potential buyers to commit.

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