Serving ads for investment and insurance advertisers (part 2)

insurance home Risk is everywhere and for that reason, there are all kinds of insurance products available for purchase. The most popular ones are car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and liability insurance. Also because of risk and uncertainties, it is wise for everyone to evaluate suitable investment products for their future. In our previous article, we discussed legal requirements and tone of marketing messages when serving ads for insurance and investment offerings. We will continue to talk about how advertisers in these two industries should consider for their ad campaigns:

Safety and predictability

People buy insurance for the peace of mind and they want to be covered when bad things happen. This is something that insurance and investment firms need to highlight when they are running ads. For example, if you watch any ad about car insurance, you will generally always see them highlighting how quick and effortless the process is when it comes time to make a claim. The goal is for consumers to see how dependable the company is and how the company is on their side and will fight to protect their rights. For investing products, ads should provide a clear picture of your future if you invest a certain amount now. Predictability is very attractive for everyone because there are enough uncertainties around us. People are willing to pay a small premium every month to ensure they are protected against potential disastrous events.

Understanding your target audience and competitors

In order to maximize your ROI as an advertiser, you need to know your audience. It is critical to understand who they are and what they’re looking for. With that knowledge, you should employ actors, themes, and elements in your ad campaigns that fit your target demographics. Use ad copy that talk on the same level and use the same common language as your target audience. Don’t talk over their head with too many technical terms or try to use scare tactics to push them to buy your products or services. Also know who are the other companies that are going after the same target audience so you can distinguish your products and services from theirs.


Insurance companies also rely on geo-targeting to sell their policies. While we all need car insurance, there are some products that simply are not available or are optional in specific areas. It’s the same with home insurance. For example, someone in the Midwest might want to insure against tornado damage and California homeowners might want to consider buying an earthquake insurance policy. These insurance products are not something that the rest of the country really needs to be concerned with. Additionally, legal requirements and disclosures might be different between countries, states and regions. Therefore, an ad campaign for the same product might contain multiple ad versions and you can apply different geo-targeting restrictions in your third-party ad server. Geo-targeting helps companies make sure that they get the correct policy in the hands of their target audience.


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