Using advertising technology to grow your business

ad monetization Advertising technology, or simply ad tech, changes very rapidly because it combines advertising and technology, which are both very dynamic industries. It is just impossible to predict how we will use advertising 5 or 10 years from now. Modern businesses rely heavily on ad tech companies to promote their products and services. This is both a blessing and a curse. Internet is as ubiquitous as electricity and many business tasks are now performed online. Online advertising can be used by nearly any company, from local beauty salons to big e-commerce retailers as a convenient and efficient way to reach more customers. New approaches are being invented and experimented on a daily basis. Social marketing and mobile marketing that were new only several years ago is now becoming more popular and more important. Therefore, managing all online advertising channels requires a lot of effort that is often more suitable for a team of experts. You either learn the latest advertising techniques, or outsource those tasks to a professional. There are many ad tech companies that want your business but they will come at a cost. Therefore, you do need to find a partner that is reliable, affordable and suitable to your particular problem or goal. Below are a few areas that ad tech companies can help your business:

Adapt more quickly

Unlike ads on a traditional newspaper or magazine, you can adjust your online advertising strategies quickly with online ad management tools. For example, you can replace a non-performing ad with a new version. You can perform A/B split testing before running a large ad campaign. This flexibility allows you to experiment and only use the best ads by measuring and monitoring their performance metrics.

Reach more viewers

Technology has done an astounding job of making our world much smaller than it used to be. Instead of picking up a paper and reading about local businesses, people can now log onto their phones, tablets, smart TVs and read about products made in far-away countries. Thanks to video chat and instant messaging, people can now get product support and customer service anywhere. In addition to that, you even get online discounts for your specific city or neighborhood with geo-targeting capability from the ad server. There are so many websites and apps to place your ads and get your product information to potential customers.

Bring in more customers

Advertising is not just an isolated business activity. It is often coordinated closely with your daily business operations. With just a few clicks in your ad server, you can increase advertising exposure immediately and results can be seen within minutes. This is especially helpful to promote time-sensitive events or sales. You can boost direct advertising to bring more online traffic to your website or foot traffic to your store to balance the burden of fixed costs like rent or payroll. For example, if you run a restaurant, you can send out tweets or offer a Facebook discount at convenient times of the day like lunch and dinner time to drive locals to your establishment.

Build better relationships

Direct and personalized communication between businesses and customers is becoming more popular and more important. The right message at the right time can bring in new clients. The right response to an online comment or inquiry can also improve the image of your business. Customers can become fans and help you promote your business for free. On the other hand, when communication breaks down, negative word-of-mouth is going to damage your reputation more than just losing one single client. In these instances, damage control and crisis management is critical to limit the risk. Therefore, the need for social media advertising and reputation monitoring/management services has never been greater.

Stay in touch more frequently

Direct business communication also comes from email marketing. It is critical for your business to maintain a contact list of existing clients and potential clients. With this opt-in and permission-based list, you can use an email marketing platform together with your email ad server to send updates, announcements, new product offers, or promotions to remain relevant in a competitive market and keep your company name fresh in the client's mind.
Posted in AdServer for Advertiser Email Ad Server Ad Strategies by John Z April 15, 2019 (first published December 2016)


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