The rise of online video advertising

video advertising It was not so long ago that getting your message out to the masses via video meant having to purchase an advertising spot on TV. That was not exactly the best option for small businesses, as the costs of doing so were prohibitive to most. The only small businesses that actually made it on TV did so on small niche channels or in the early hours of the morning where their reach was not optimal. However, things have changed significantly. The internet has gradually leveled the playing field when it comes to video advertising. YouTube and many other video sites have made it easier for businesses to display their video ads without having to invest a fortune in production costs and air time. Let us look at some more of the advantages of online video ad serving:

Decline in programmed TV

Viewers want to be in control. Watch what they want and when they want. More and more TV viewers are either binge-watching their favorite shows on subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, or are using a DVR to record shows. When they do the latter, they tend to skip through the ads. On a video site like YouTube, the viewer has to often watch an ad before getting to the content they want to see. There might be more than one ad for a longer video. The convenience of watching online TV and shows on any device anytime still win in the end.

Picking your Audience

When you run a traditional TV advertising campaign, you are basically showing your message to a very broad audience and not sure how much it sticks. If you create an online video that is being shown on selected social media sites with advanced ad targeting criteria like keyword targeting, you can be sure that the people who view them are those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Ad Duration

The average TV ad lasts about 30 seconds, which is often not long enough to get your point across. This is why some advertisers now leave the ad open-ended, directing viewers to visit a website for more information or for a longer version. This is a truly effective way to advertise and engage potential buyers.

Instructional ads

Ask the average person what they want from an ad, and most will tell you that they want to learn something rather than listen to a hard sell. With that extra time, you can create how to, instructional videos that serve as advertising as much as informing the viewer.

Smart TVs

Modern televisions now have "smart" capabilities that allow viewers to use apps like YouTube on the TV. They can browse and choose the videos they want to watch along with the video ads. This is where instructional videos that show how to use your products can really be great for your business. Consumers can watch when they have the time, and will actually absorb what they are seeing, as opposed to shutting it out like they do with traditional TV spots.
Posted in Video Ad Server AdServer for Advertiser by John Z May 12, 2019 (first published November 2016)