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How do I troubleshoot "Restrictions Failed" error?

This error message is displayed when one or more restrictions (targeting criteria) for an ad, zone, or campaign have failed and there is no other available ad to show. If you are a visitor of the website and see this error, please notify the webmaster. If you are the ad operator/ad manager, please follow the instructions below to correct the issue.


Sign into your account, choose an entity (for example: a zone or an ad) and click on "Restrictions" tab. The sample logic evaluation can help you verify and identify the failed restriction. Within a zone, you should have a default ad with no restrictions so it will be shown when all other ads fail. Or you could set up a default/secondary zone to fall back.


  • A starting date restriction is set to show from January 10 to January 21. Today is January 5. This restriction would fail.
  • The ad is set to show only to visitors from Australia. A visitor from France tries to see this ad. This restriction would fail.

Turn Off Error Messages

If you do not have available default/remnant ads and do not want visitors to see this error, you can turn off ad serving errors by checking "Hide errors" setting when generating the serving code.

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