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Text Link Ads

Publishers can serve text ads with just a few simple steps. When creating a new ad, choose the ad type to be "Text Ad".

The field "First Line Text Link" is the main text link, which a viewer can click on. You can add multiple lines of text description below the first line for additional advertising information in the field "Additional Ad Lines". To break into a new line, use <br/> tag. To add more text links, use this format <a href="https://www.example.com/">Example Link</a>


The following text ad has 3 lines, one text link and two additional lines with one extra link inside the description:

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CSS Styling

To change the font, size, color, width, and other styles for your text ad, you can apply custom CSS styling rules to the parent containing box, commonly the container DIV element.
  #TextAdExample {color: green;background:gray;}
  #TextAdExample a {color: red;background:blue;}

<div id="TextAdExample">
  <script type="text/javascript" src="https://g.adspeed.net/ad.php?...">

Serving multiple text ads

You can use one ad tag to display multiple text ads together. Learn More

Mix text and image

If you want to create an ad that contains both text and image, please use the Rich-Media/HTML ad type. Learn More

Serving text link ads in email/newsletter

Our ad server can display and track individual text links in HTML-based newsletter/email. Because email software blocks JavaScript, ad serving, or ad rotation, of multiple text link ads within a zone is not supported. On the other hand, rotation of multiple image ads in an email newsletter is supported. Please follow these steps to get the ad tag for an individual text ad:
  • Create a new ad, choose the ad type to be "Text Ad"
  • Click on "Ad Tag" tab after the ad settings are saved and choose the tag format to be "Email"
  • Paste this email ad tag as HTML into your email/newsletter editor

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