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tv watch remote Roku is a popular streaming platform. It allows you to create your own video channel and use your own video ad server to display ads from your own advertisers and from other third-party sources. You can monetize your Roku channel with ads from your own advertisers using a custom ad server like AdSpeed AdServer. You can also serve ads from other third-party sources using VAST wrapper.

Getting Started

  • Create a video zone
  • Create a video ad/commercial ad and link it into this zone
  • Get the VAST URL for this zone under tab "Roku"
  • Paste it into the field "Ad Server URL" in section Monetization of your Roku channel

Other Considerations

  • By default, Roku uses a 70:30 inventory split system. This means 70% of the time Roku will call AdSpeed to get one of your ads in your AdSpeed account and 30% of the time Roku will try to display its own video ads. If Roku cannot fill an ad (i.e. does not have an available ad to display) then there won't be an ad. In these cases, Roku does not support an option to fallback to AdSpeed, or other ad sources.
  • Roku's guideline for pre-roll ads: "Pre-roll ads are automatically inserted in content that is 15 minutes or less. For content longer than 15 minutes, do not insert pre-roll ad breaks."
  • Roku's guideline for mid-roll ads: Guideline depends on content/video type
  • Roku's guideline for post-roll ads: Do not insert post-roll ad breaks


  • Roku ad tag contains some special macros like ROKU_ADS_CACHE_BUSTER, ROKU_ADS_LIMIT_TRACKING, ROKU_ADS_TRACKING_ID
  • If you encounter this error "The server URL could not be validated", it means that your account is not yet setup for Roku integration, please contact us to enable it
  • Developer Tool: Roku Stream Tester

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