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Walkthrough for a new account

In this tutorial, we'll show you a quick walk-through for a new AdSpeed AdServer account. It will help you become familiar with different areas within your account.

After signing into your account with a valid username and password, you'll see the dashboard with ad metrics for the whole account, including ad views, ad clicks, click-through rate, and revenue. For a new account, the dashboard will also display simple instructions to get started.

The top right side has a search box so you can quickly find a certain ad, zone or a question in our Help Center

The right side is the main menu, which contains links to many features and sections. Some of the important menus are described below:

  • My Account: manage your profile, subscriptions, user accesses, add-ons, activity logs and messages.
  • Zones: manage the zones, which are ad placements and consist of one or more ads
  • Ads: manage the ads
  • Reports: view all available ad reports and metrics. You can also schedule email reports
  • Tools: see other features and modules to help your ad management tasks
  • Help: access our Knowledge Base, view frequently asked questions and also submit your questions to our Customer Service
If you have any questions, please contact us.

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